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Going straight to the point and not mincing words this morning. Why are you always in a relationship? I mean this present one when you are still searching?

At a moment one is off, you zoom to another. You jump from Peter to Paul, Jane to Janet in search of the one. I guess you have a bucket full of names or alternative standby persons.
Am I sounding too harsh?

It is because we need to tell ourselves some hard truth. You have to stay single at a point, to think, look out for where you missed it, evaluate yourself, add value to yourself and also to get over the last experience.
Soldiers, retire not to run away but to restrategize and plan the next move, this is also applicable to relationship. Please retire for now and focus on yourself.
Being single is not a disease, avoiding it is the disease you need to cure. If the Bible says there is time and season for everything under the heaven, it means there is a season of singleness and it must be utilized.
Either you are happily married, happily engaged, happily single, the key word is being happy and being happy with yourself. Stop making relationship your source of happiness because it is not and will not be. People who found happiness within themselves are the most desirable.
You are single by time and season and not by accident. Don’t be single seriously searching alone, be single, satisfied and purposeful. Stop chasing relationships all about, chase your vision, happiness and fulfillment.

Good Morning
Oluwatoyin Aremu

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