The Story of Idris Tajudeen 1

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 I called him like I wanted to buy food. “Ko si amala mo, Semo ati eba lo ku” Idris said to me.

I helped him with this big load they put on his neck.

“Why are you not in school? I asked him

Idris is an orphan living with his aunt. He said his aunt asked to hawk food because she doesn’t have the money to pay the school fee.

He told me the name of his school. I asked him how much the school fee costs and he said, “N200 per day”

I think the school management devised daily payment to ease the school fee burden.

Idris refused to give me his aunt’s phone number. I reassured him we would pay his school before he could give us his address. He was all tears, scared I was going to arrest him for hawking when he should be in school.

I will be visiting the family this morning.

As I left the spot, I had a sense of having experienced such a scene some time ago. It was in my dream sha. Lol. I had this dream shortly after my NYSC. I was in my car when I sighted two boys hawking. I asked my driver to stop the car. I threw the boys’ wares away in annoyance and pushed them inside my car. Lol.

But I wasn’t in my car yesterday. Lol. I jumped bike and trekked to the place…

I can see that Christ actually orchestrated our meeting with Idris.

This morning, I and 3 of our team members, Ogunsina Oluwaseun Michael, Ruth Asaolu, Adeniran Darasimi located the address Idris gave us; remembering he mentioned he used to learn how to barb from a nearby salon, we stopped at the salon to make some findings.

The owner of the salon was so happy to receive us not minding it is Monday morning. He was so pained and overtly interested in Idris case. He narrated how Idris’s aunt brought him for an apprenticeship, sizing the boy up, initially he refused to accept, he told her to enrol him in a school instead. After much begging, he agreed Idris should daily report to the barbing salon AFTER SCHOOL.

A little while later, he started seeing Idris hawking Amala, neither going to school nor coming to the salon.

He reported that at some point a particular man met with Idris’s aunt and promised to sponsor his education if lack of funds is the problem.

The boy wasn’t allowed to go to school regularly, he was always seen everywhere hawking amala with a very big bowl like seen in the attached picture.

We got talking to about 6-10 people in her street, Idris is popularly known for hawking amala and not a schoolboy. Every one of them lamented about the wickedness of Idris’s aunt. We gathered she beats you blue-black any day, sends her children (a boy and a girl) to school while she puts Idris on #childlabour

Being provided with this information, we headed for Idris’s aunt’s house.

My pity to many of us who buy food, just from any hawker in sight.

The house is terrible, very horrible and opened toilet welcomed us.

Finally, we met Idris’s aunt. A full-skin-bleached young woman in her 30s. She has a damaged skin so is two of her friends who rushed out in panic at our arrival.
Idris had told her of his encounter with us on Friday.

Facebook cannot do justice to everything I have to share o.

Idris’s aunt claimed he’s enrolled and regular in school. She mentioned her two children are enrolled in the same school as him.
“Has he gone to school?”
“I sent him on an errand to get us some money from a friend, he should return to school thereafter” she said

I shared briefly with her about my mom’s aunt, who enrolled her own children in school and turned my mom to a street hawker from a young age.
“There is no how such children will amount to anything in life. One cannot raise one’s seed and enslave other people’s children” I told her bluntly

Idris’s aunt said his parent is late, in fact, she had to send Idris’s sister to the village because she doesn’t have the financial capacity to raise four children.

It is obvious, Idris aunt is a single mother.

Our conclusion is that Idris cannot be hawking amala with a bowl as large as a DSTV dish. I threatened her to arrest the boy if I dare see him hawking.

We went to the said school, met with the proprietor. The proprietor confirmed Idris is not enrolled as a regular school student… his fee is actually N100 per day.
“How much is the school fee?”
“About 6, 000 per term,” the proprietor said

She was so restless. She later came to meet us in the school and trying to get familiar with me. I bone her o and when she requested for my number, I told her to collect my number from my unpaid Secretary, Ruth Asaolu. Lol.

I had a brief talk with Idris. He disputed his aunt’s lie.
“I was told to go and give 3000 to a woman called princess”
Imagine how skilful the woman is with lies.
Next line of action…
We are going to enrol Idris in school, pay the school fee and lias with the school management to ensure punctuality.

On Idris the Amala seller.

We’ve been to his school, the proprietress told us he hasn’t been regular in school. For like a year he didn’t come to school but seen hawking amala. He is living with his aunt who makes him amala to hawk. Her own two children are in school and when she was asked why Idris wasn’t allowed to be regular in school, she said she doesn’t have the financial capacity to.

Idris mom is late, dad remarried and have two other children but lost his sight and now living in ikorodu.

Idris sister was returned to her dad because the aunt doesn’t have the capacity to raise four children.

Idris told me his aunt took him to an Alfa’s house to do some consultation on his life. He said to me, “I am always afraid of coming to school because I have never been regular. I hate the way I am being beaten for not performing like other students of my age”

Idris, 10 years old is enrolled in Nursery 2 now

We are taking his school needs up.

School uniform and sport wears… N5500
The tuition fee for a term… N7000

Someone recently sent me N1000 for Idris.
You can be a blessing to raising Idris.

He was led to Christ and prayed for. We’ll be having another meeting with his proprietress on Monday.

I am happy seeing Idris in his school uniform. #dancing
The carton colour uniform is actually not their school uniform, he was managing it.

So my boy is no longer Idris the Amala hawker but Idris the schoolboy. #smiling.

3 people sent us money for Idris’s project




We paid N10,000 for 3rd term fee, uniform and vest, 8 notebooks. The proprietress promised his vest will be ready soonest.

So we have #13,500 in Idris’ account.

I will forward receipts to people who sent us money for Idris.

Thank you soooooo much
The Lord bless you and cause men to arise for your good in Jesus name.

I taught Idris how to locate the books of the Bible, spot chapters and verses and the use of devotionals.

Esther Ebunoluwa reporting. Lol.

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