Focus on Value

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Dear Disciple,

Your sword doesn’t become dull or sharper just because your position changed. It is what it is.

The man makes the position or else he is
just a figure head that will cause more problems for himself and the
people he is leading. #LeadershipThought

Many aspire to be on the stage and feel
that once they have the platform, they will become more effective and
efficient but it is not true at all, if you are not sharp now, you will
likely not become sharper when you have the platform. Infact the
platform will make dull the little sharpness that you have.

People are looking to become prime
minister like Joseph so as to take responsibility but they are not
willing to take responsibility in the place that they are now because it
looks small or it is not their platform.

What you should do is irrespective of where you are, commit to being sharp. When your day comes like Joseph you will be ready.

If you are sharp, anywhere you find yourself whatever you have on the inside will create room for itself.

Focus on value.

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