Self Confidence

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Ola and I were close friends despite the difference in gender, we talk everyday and even into the night but with no strings attached. We had no intention of having a relationship with each other as a matter of fact, he told me about his fiance who they had marriage plans on ground already.
We talk on general life issues, career, and even his escapades and so on.
I wasn’t in a relationship then, and I was a nominal Christian (not cold nor hot).
“Ola, I am a Christian and I do not approve all these your escapades especially as you have a woman with marriage in view”, I told him.
“Toyin, it’s one of those things, I don’t particularly meet with some of these ladies, we do it via phone sometimes.” he replied.

“Phone, how?” I was so curious to know what he meant by doing it via
phone and so he explained it to me and that was how I knew there was
something called phone sex.
“Ola for the love of God, what
kind of thing is that, it can never happen to me, I can never do that,
never!”, I bragged confidently.
“Calm down my dear, don’t be
too sure of yourself, when someone like me start such with you, you
will enjoy it and forget all these your “I cannot” declarations, he
laughed so hard”, he stated.
Of course I was pissed and continued to boast in my abilities, we ended the discussion on that note as I couldn’t continue.
Some days later, he called and we were talking as usual, before I knew
it, he delved into the so called phone sex with me. At first I was
disgusted and forming all he was saying wasn’t getting to me but I did
not end the call!
After some minutes, my imagination began to
go wild and I started making sounds in tune with what I was hearing, and
before you know it, I was carried away and Ola ended the call.
I was so ashamed of myself when he called to let me know how I enjoyed the show despite my I cannot declarations!
Beloved, the Bible says ‘let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall’ (I Cor. 10:12).
You don’t need to show your skills in the face of temptation, or prove
that it cannot happen to me. It is not the time you have to prove your
worth neither is it time to start preaching to the person, it is time to
That you flee does not make you less a Christian but
shows your ability to discern when to draw the line, it shows you set
boundaries and will do everything not to cross the line.
In the face of youthful lust and temptation, avoid self-confidence but flee when need be.
Story: Real life
Good morning
Oluwatoyin Aremu

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